Only Soil

by Coleton Joe

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released January 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Coleton Joe California

A cage went in search of a bird.


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Track Name: Storm
Like a storm my friend, she rolled in: reckless with wind.
Whiskey colored eyes, and a liar's smile. We danced till we tired.

And she told me her name was whatever i wanted it to be.
[then I looked in her wild eyes, and told her to take me away]

(like) a fool I gave, till I'd dug my own grave. She knew just how to take.
And no smoke or gin could outweigh my sins. My noose seemed to fit.

And she told me her name was whatever i needed it to be.
[then I looked in her wild eyes, and told her to take me away]

Now Saint Peter has a name, thats fit to erase in my soul.
Whether I'm six feet tall or I'm six feet covered in soil.
[well I close my eyes and I'm more than halfway home]
[hallelujah! I fear for my father, my son, and my ghost]

Well she told me her name was whatever I wanted it to be.
Track Name: God
I found God and I took him home
It had been awhile see he was around
And as he sat in my chair we talked
And we shared our fears.

And then I cried..
And then I died..

I felt love so I ran away
It'd been too long since it was around
And as I sat all alone I feared
That I would never grow at all..

I just never thought
There would be more to life than not
Knowing or feeling at all
I've felt and I've begged
For love and for praise (OH PRAISE)
And praise I will, out of fear (or whatever keeps me still)

For I love you, and I swear to never not.
As long as you'll keep me and won't ever stop.
Track Name: June
I took your hands, then tied them down.
I said "look here June, there's no way out."
i caught your eye, then poured mine out.
and said, "if you fall, I'll be the next one down."

Well its a long way down... but I'll keep you sound and safe.
Well it's a ways down south, and back to where you came.

And we'll rest our bones, and sleep alone.
But not for long.

Well we've lived with hearts, and we've lived without.
[I say, "no more! You're all mine now"]
The river flowed, and gold came out.
You said, "that's us, we're finally found.."

Yes we'll rest our bones, and sleep alone... but not for long June.
Track Name: Grace
Follow me up the road
Where the wild flowers grow

Oh and in the Grace of June
I learned most of love from you
And I feel fine..

Follow me up the creek
Where I'll see who I used to be

Oh and in the grace of love
I learned most of what I've become
And I'll be fine.

Follow me through the gate.
Where my heart and soul are weighed.

Oh and in the Grace of light.
I'll give up the rest of mine.
And we'll all be fine..

I'm Home.
Track Name: Sail On
Like a moth, to flame.
I just couldn't refrain.
And it stung like hell.
But i wore it so well... that i guess.
I guess I'll wear it still

But in this life I am more than these bones
(I guess I'll wear it still)
I'll sail on till they tell me I am home.
(I guess I'll wear it still)
But I'll watch that sky and if I ever see a storm.
Then I will sail on, sail on.

like a bird, to the sky.
I just couldn't deny.
That it looked like shit.
But I was proud of it.. so I guess...
I guess I'll wear it still.
Track Name: Soil
I'm running past the fields where I grew come
Past the leaves of green, that never gave me anything at all

You gave your life for mine, then I begged you to take it back
As you spun in a circle throwing seeds from hands.
As if God himself could grow from the very hole we had dirtied our hands to make. But Behold: Only soil... Only soil.

This Pilgrimage, and the heat that the harvest spews.
The catch and release of all I believed or knew.. at all.